Refresher Training For Economic Upliftment_ Burani

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya conducted a three day Refresher training course in Suqaina Women Group – Burani from 2nd – 4th Dec 2015.These trainings have been playing an essential role in empowering the women in the local community.
Sessions on this training were facilitated by Sis Sidi Nyota and Sis Kauchi Chifui. An Islamic Religious Education session was also conducted by Sis. Jamila Iqbal to enhance their religious knowledge.

The main objectives of this training were:
• How to identify and solve problems in the group
• Review their leadership skills
• Maintain proper savings and attendance records for future reference
• Analyze the duties and roles of the group officials
• Enhance communication skills amongst members in the group

Activities undertaken during the training:
• Islamic Religious Education lectures were conducted on: ‘Khums; categories and level of khums, Swalah; time,dressing and cleanliness during swalah, things that nullify swalah.
• Issues on poor attendance, weekly savings, importance of adhering to the group’s constitution, loan procedures and importance of submitting the monthly reports were discussed at large.\

• Members agreed to improve on their weekly savings and attend the weekly meetings without a failure, as this had been a major drawback previously.
• Officials were reminded of their roles and duties where they committed to reunite the group and bring together all the members.
Comments from the participants:
“We are thankful to BMMK for conducting this training as it has helped us to review and reunite the group. The training also assisted us to analyze the duties of officials and came up with new constitutions” – Umazi Sengeza
Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya would like to thank all those involved in this training program.
December 2015

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