Muharram Report 1439 A.H

Reported by Nazneen Ismail and Ammar Nyawa courtesy of BMMK Media Department


“Every day is Ashura and every land is Karbala”

Muharram is the first month in the Islamic calendar. Contrary to global trends where New Year is marked with merriment and celebrations, muslims commemorate the tragedy that befell the household of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his progeny.

Appeal for Mahe Ramadhan 1437 AH


“One who provides iftaar to a Mu'min in the month of Ramadhan, shall be granted the reward of liberating a slave (in the path ofAllah) and shall have all his previous sins forgiven... Holy Prophet (s.a.w.w)

Meeladun Nabi SAWW Celebrations 1437

Michael H Hart in his book The 100, Ranking of the most Influential Persons in History selected Prophet Muhammed (SAWW) as the most influential person, his reason was that it was only Prophet Muhammed who was supremely successful in both religious and secular levels.

Mubaligheen Development Program December 2015

“Together WE can make a Difference”

"If a person gains knowledge and does not act upon it, it is just like a person has treasure and does not use it” Imam Jaffer as-Sadiq
“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin

Appeal For Mahe Ramadhan 1435 AH

 Daily Iftar will be served after Maghribain prayers in Muslim centres. 
 Relief Food to be distributed to families in rural centres and Mombasa.
 A 5 part series of Hidaya ya Ramadhan Radio broadcast
 Eid Gifts 
 Tabligh activities e.g. Quran competition and special IRE classes

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