What We Do

Who we are

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya is a Registered Charitable Organization established in the year 1971 and is dedicated to working with children, families, and communities.

Whom we serve

The Mission serves the less fortunate people residing in rural villages who face challenges like poverty, drought, illiteracy, lack of adequate water and sanitation facilities.

Why we serve

Inspired by our religious beliefs, it is incumbent for every Muslim to spread the message of Islam and assist the less fortunate people.

Our Activities

What activities do we focus on

Holistic Education

for socio-cultural change & economic prosperity through building the link between spiritual and scientific knowledge:

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Economic Upliftment & Entrepreneurship Support

for self-reliance and human dignity through:

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Water and Sanitation:

Given the scarcity of rainfall, lack of access to clean drinking water and high salinity of water where available, Bilal Kenya has drilled deep… 

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Food Security

The economic mainstay of the rural communities we serve is rainfed small scale agriculture. Bilal Kenya established an…

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Relief & Welfare Response

Support drought relief through emergency food distribution, Food distribution during the month of Ramadhan to supplement family…

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Media & Online Education

Support accountability through audio-visual records, manage social media presence, and support

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Our History

At its December 1964 Conference in Tanga (Tanzania), the Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaats of Africa passed a resolution to increase efforts in transmitting the Message of Islam, as taught by the Prophet Muhammad (S) and his Ahlul Bait (a.s.) in East Africa. Long before this popular resolution, efforts to disseminate the Shia Madhab among indigenous African populations were already underway in efforts by individuals who had settled in the East. Africa. The Federation’s resolution of 1964 opened up opportunity for collective action. As a result, Bilal Muslim Missions were established in Tanzania first (1968) and later in Kenya (1971). The Missions were named in honour of Hazrat Bilal, Islam’s first Muezzin. The initial Call to Islam as a duty of every Muslim was given a new impetus.

On November 11, 1971, the Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya was registered as a Religious Charitable Society. Earlier contacts with learned people from the non-Shia Muslim community as well as Christians led to many adopting the Shia Madhab. In the absence of a formal local seminary, some non-Muslims revert to wishing to acquire deeper knowledge of Islam went abroad for further studies. Chief Ngala Chuphi, the Chief of Mackinnon Road, of the Duruma Tribe, embraced Islam in 1971 and took the Islamic name “Yusuf”. Hundreds of his community members also embraced the Shia madhab. Several mosques and madaris were established by the local communities and their religious education supported by the
Bilal Mission of Kenya.

Amongst the stalwart families who supported these nascent communities was the Kassamali Gulamhusein family of Mombasa, especially Haji Mohamedjaffer Kassamali Gulamhusein. The Chief and members of his community adopted Islam as a result of their tabligh. The family also participated in the provision of facilities for the new Shias, such as a Mosque, Madrassa, and School. With time, Bilal Mission expanded its support to the local communities to include educational, health, economic and social welfare facilities to provide opportunities for the people to establish paths out of poverty and to live with Muslim dignity.

Our Team

Murtaza Jaffer


Mustafa Ahmedali


Zainab Molu


Aziza Ahmed


Sh. Musa Shali


Saida Mueni


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