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About Bilal Muslim

About Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya

Our Annual Report

Who we are

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya is a Registered Charitable Organization. It was established in the year 1971 and is dedicated to working with children, families and communities in the rural villages of Coast and Eastern provinces of Kenya.

Who we serve

The Mission serves the less fortunate people residing in the rural villages who face challenges like poverty, drought, illiteracy, lack of adequate water and sanitation facilities.

Why we serve

Inspired by our religious beliefs, it is incumbent for every Muslim to spread the message of Islam and assist the less fortunate people.

Where we Operate

South Coast:

Mtongwe, Burani, Moyeni, Bahakanda, Miamba, Kichakamkwaju and Shimoni.

West Coast:

Samburu, Chengoni, Mackinon Road, Demwa and Mwasafu.

Eastern Province:

Nzavoni, Kilungu and Masongaleni.

Centre Profiles

Interactive Map of BMMK Centres

History of BMMK

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Where we work

South Coast

West Coast

Taita Taveta

Eastern Province

Interactive Map