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Eye camp Report 2010

Indigenous people residing in the rural areas can barely afford health services.  Therefore, awareness and educating the locals on health issues is vital. The Mission, in collaboration with the local authorities, conducts health action camps whereby the locals are not only diagnosed and treated but also advised on how to lead a healthy life by specialists in this field.

The Mission, in conjunction with Kwale District Eye Centre, organized yet another eye camp on Monday 19th July 2010 to assist more patients who were in need of these services.

People of different ages with various eye problems gathered early in the morning at Al Mahdy Centre, Samburu with rays of hope in their hearts.

A total of 107 patients were screened and relevant treatment provided.

Stories of the beneficiary of the Eye Camp:


The 16-year old form 3 student from Samburu Secondary School got injured in his childhood. This resulted in a traumatic cataract developing in the injured eye. Has lens wash-out and new lens replaced. He is happy that his education will get a booster since he is now able to use both the eyes to study. We wish him all the best in his studies.




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