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Radio Broadcast

Electronic Media is the in thing today. Followers of different faiths in all parts of the world have introduced innovative Radio and TV Programmes to convey the message of their respective faiths. The need for harnessing such modern technology to convey the message of Islam in keeping with the teachings of Ahlul Bayt cannot be over emphasized.



Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya has set foot into world of Broadcast media reaching out to people in homes, work places and on the roads.

Various Radio programmes are transmitted  throughout the year on different occasions. In addition to recitation of qasidas, duas, and marthiyas.


Highly informative talks are delivered by renowned scholars like Sheikh Abdillahi Nassir, Sayyid Aidarus Mzee Mwenye and Ustadh Muhammad Dumila.


At the end of the each radio program, simple questions are posed to stimulate interaction with listeners and encourage them to provide feedback. Favourable responses are received via  text messages (SMS), e-mail and personal contacts.


The following series of radio broadcsat are produced :


  • Msiba Wa Karbala (Tragedy of Karbala) - Muharram
    On Ashura night, a unique programme is broadcast across Kenya on National KBC Kiswahili Radio Service.
  • Kifo Cha Mtume Muhammed (SAWW) - Safar
    Wafat of the Holy Prophet (saww)
  • Meeladun Nabi:  - Rabiul Awwal
    Wiladat of Holy Prophet (saww)
  • Mwongozo wa Wanawake : (Guide for Women) – Jumaadal thani
    Wiladat Bibi Fatima Zahra(as)
  • Kumfikia Mlango wa Elimu ya Bwana Mtume Muhammad S.A.W.W. - Rajab
    Wiladat of Imam Ali a.s.
  • Hidaya ya Ramadhan: Gift for Ramadhan - Ramadhan
    Programme for Mahe Ramadhan.

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