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Live Goat Report

As a part of the Economic Upliftment Project, a Live Goats Scheme has been introduced.  The purpose of this scheme is to provide women groups in rural centers with live goats for rearing and breeding.  It is aimed that each member should have a goat so that they are reared and bred to reproduce more.

This scheme kicked off at Moyeni Center on 4th July, 2009 when a new page in the lives of the community women was opened.  A separate group has been formed for this project whereby women are paired at the time of distribution.

Under this scheme:

• the first 15 pairs of women received 1 goat each
• the first offspring born will be given to the partner member
• the second offspring born will be returned to BMMK who will in turn present it to other members of the group.

Chengoni is the second center which has benefited from this scheme -  5 goats were distributed on 6th October 2009. By rearing and breeding goats, members would benefit from the goats’ milk as well as boost their family income in future by selling the surplus goats. Presentation of such a live gift is proving to be a motivating factor for the groups to strive hard for self sustenance.  The cost for each live goat is:

Can $ 50       US $ 37          GBP 28      Kshs. 3,500

Lets unite in making people of Africa independent people.

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