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Islamic Correspondence Course



Islamic Correspondence Course (ICC) is a comprehensive Islamic course that takes the student through a series of lessons which are logically organized to make ease of understanding. These courses are comparable to distance learning, where students can undertake the course remotely; without having to necessarily sit in a classroom.





Most importantly, people who are committed in their day to day jobs or businesses can continue learning wherever they might be. The course covers various important aspects of Islam which are presented in 15 units (booklets) with questions to test the students' understanding of the topics.

Islamic Correspondence Course (ICC) is divided in two modules:


1. Basic Islamic Correspondence Course.


This is the initial level of 4 booklets. It covers a range of lessons organized in four subjects namely: Beliefs (Aqaid), Akhlaq, Fiqh and Tareekh. Courses at this level are presented in Kiswahili or English language. The student can choose either of the languages according to his / her preference.


2. Advanced Islamic Correspondence Course.


After successful completion and certification of the Basic Islamic Correspondence Course, the student can proceed to enrol in the Advanced Islamic Correspondence Course (ICC). This is a higher level course that features much advanced lessons in Islam. Students learn subjects like Qur’an Study, Aqaid, Hadith, Jurisprudence, Islamic history, Family Life of Islam. In this stage, a great deal of reasoning capacity is required. There are a total of 11 books that make up this course.


To date, ICC has attracted enrolment across the globe with close to 72,000 students enrolled since it started. The launch of our web site in 2006 has made it easy for students to apply for the ICC online. Countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, U.S.A, England, Ghana, Sierra Leone e.t.c have recorded high enrolment numbers of students.


Comments from participants:



“……. My brother in Islam, I truly need to be enrolled in your program (Islamic Correspondence Course) …. My goal, if I am allowed to call it that, is to educate myself with the help of your Correspondence Program, so that I may educate others about our ‘Fiqh’ (Jurisprudence). …I believe I need training or teachings in all areas of our great deen….” Raqeeb Salam from Carlifornia, U.S.A, in a letter dated, September 28, 2008.

“….. I am a 33 year old Muslim who is striving to learn all that I can about the deen (religion) of Islam. As a shi’a Muslim … I am constantly struggling to acquire the smallest amount of proper shi’a Islamic literature…” Usamah Al- Saddique Richmond, U.S.A, in a letter dated, September 9, 2008.


“… I can’t tell how much I have learnt from this course. There are numerous things about Islam that I had never known before. But with your efforts to send me these books, I am still learning much about Islam. Thank you so much…”


“…. I found the pamphlets very informative. When I read the book: Day of Judgement, I was perplexed and afraid of the big day which is very certain …on the day no where to flee except praying for the mercy of Allah and interception of the Holy Prophet and Imams …” Muhammad Ayoola (ARC 4646).


These are some of the many letters we receive from local and foreign students who have enrolled or intend to enroll themselves for our Islamic Correspondence Course.



How to enroll?

You can enroll for this course by:


(a) Writing to


Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya
P.O Box 82508
Mombasa, Kenya.


(b) You can also visit our offices in Mombasa - Kenya.


(c) For inquiries e-mail us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.


(d) Or click the link below to register online.




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