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Anti-Jigger Infestation Campaign August 4th 2008

In collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya conducted a one day Health Action Day on August 4, 2008. This Anti Jigger Infestation Campaign was a follow up of the Camp held earlier in December, 2007. The campaign targeted children in  Burani, Bahakanda and Miamba centres in Rural areas of Kwale District


Jiggers sand fleas are like larvae of certain insects that feed on the nectar of the flowering trees especially mangoes and cashew nuts. At this stage they are parasitic and skip to the ground staying in the soil seeding hosts. Victims are bitten, the flea pierces and enters the blood stream where it feeds and lays nits in the blood. At this stage the victim feels itchy and if left within them spreads throughout the blood, sometimes being fatal. The victims of this disease are mostly children in their tender age attending Pre-Primary School, under the age group of 14 years who walk for long distances


The Health Action Day creates awareness on Jigger Infestation amongst people in the rural areas, who due to various factors like distantly placed Health facilities, high illiteracy level, poverty; social cultural beliefs and cost of treatment are unable to get access to treatment for the Jigger Infestation.




The campaign commenced with Health Talks given by the Medical Officers on control measures on Jigger Infestation and emphasis on personal hygiene.

The actual exercise involved:

  • Screening of the infected patients.
  • Registration of the patients.
  • Disinfecting the affected body parts.
  • Extraction.
  • Dressing and
  • Tetanus toxoid injection





At the same time, eradication of Jigger fleas was done by health workers who carried out spraying insecticides in schools, madrasah, classes, kitchens and neighbouring areas.




A total of 272 patients were treated (Burani 136 patients, Bahakanda -78 patients and Miamba – 58 patients)

Comments by Medical Personnel




  • As the numbers of repeat patients was 3, it can be considered that the first round of Health Action Day – Anti Jigger Campaign has proved effective.
  • It has been recommended that the spraying exercise is carried out regularly after every six months to keep the control on spreading of the Jigger Fleas.
  • To create more awareness on personal hygiene amongst the people.




Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya would like to thank all those involved in this Health Action Campaign. A hearty commendation goes to the students of Jaffery Academy (Junior) who launched sponsor Hadith memorization to raise funds.  The valuable cooperation received from the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, Kwale District Offices is highly appreciated.

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