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Get Involved

You can help too by: 

  • Praying for our success
  • Visiting our rural centers and participating in various activities of our organization
  • Regularly contributing towards the cause of our Deen
  • Filling in the enclosed remittance form and in sending in  your donations to us or
  • Sharing this report with someone who you think might support our activities     
  • as a part of our obligation to serve humanity as per the teachings of  our faith which we all cherish.


Economic Upliftment

With an extremely high rate of poverty, accelerating rate of inflation, rise in standard of living and lack of adequate rainfall, people in the rural areas  find it difficult to make their basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing,  school fees etc.


In order to educate the women about business and what it entails, a communal developer was sent to train them in Leadership and Savings, Business Management Training and Credit Management. Thereafter they were able to open bank accounts and deposit weekly savings. The Mission to date has been able to train women in all the 15 centers. A total of 956 women have benefited from this training.

Micro Finance Loans

Upon completion of the training the women fill in application forms for the interest free micro finance loans. This enables them to start their own businesses thus reducing dependence and creating employment opportunities.

Live Goats Scheme

The Mission has launched the Live Goat Scheme especially aimed for those women who are unable to start businesses. The women are provided with live goats for rearing and breeding.

The members have benefited from the goats’ milk and it has also boosted their family income.

The cost of one live goat is:

Kshs. 3,500          Can $ 50          US $ 37           GBP 28

Vocational Training in the Villages

In order to empower the women in the villages, the Mission runs tailoring classes five days a week in the Rural Centres.  The course that is being offered is as per the Government Syllabus.  As the women in the villages have to work on farms and attend to other household chores the classes run in two sessions i.e morning and afternoon.  Currently there are more than 30 students enrolled in the two centres.  On completion of this course the student will have to appear for the Directorate of Industrial Test (Trade Test) for Level 1, 2 and 3.  On successful completion of all the levels the student is now ready to be a professional tailoring teacher or can work in any garment factory and earn a good income.

Currently some of the students can now stitch or mend simple dresses which help them to earn a small amount to support their course. The students are benefiting from this course as most of them are drop outs from school due to various reasons and are able to support their family.


Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya provides both Religious and Academic Secular Education at Primary, Secondary and University level  This is assisting the beneficiaries to realize their career paths and contribute towards the wider community.

Some of them join vocational training to obtain skills in different fields enabling them to secure jobs or establish meaningful ventures in businesses.

 Feed A Child

Young children in pre-primary classes and madrasah at all BMMK Centre are served with porridge made from bulrush millet, milk and sugar during mid morning break in all BMMK centres.

This has helped to rejuvenate the children during their lessons thereby improving their general performance in class and regular attendance.

Adopt A Centre

An opportunity to individuals and organizations to participate in sawab-e-jariyah by joining hands with the Mission to maintain these centres and promote further the objectives of our organization.


Residents in the rural areas cannot afford quality health services.  The Mission, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, conducts various health action camps. The locals are not only diagnosed and treated but also advised on how to lead a healthy life by specialists.  


With the changing times and weathering conditions the facilities built over the years have deteriorated.  The Mission in the year 2005 embarked on an ambitious plan of renovation and re-construction of the centre facilities : mosques, madrasah / pre-primary classrooms, staff quarters, tailoring classrooms and common latrines. 

Foreign remittance may be sent as below:

Donate online through the World Federation of K.S.I Muslim Communities. Kindly notify This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it the projects for which the funds are donated.

Please fill and submit this form after your remittance.

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