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Training for Economic Upliftment Phase I Module II; Mwasafu and Masongaleni Centres

In continuation of the Training Program for Economic Upliftment Module II Training for six days was conducted at Mwasafu from 16th May 2011-21st May 2011 and at Masongaleni 30th May 2011- 4th June 2011.

The following Business skills that were taught during this session were:

The Module II sessions have been very interactive. The trainers received number of questions which were very well handled and easily understood by participants.


The training has helped the women:In their life, homes and community,The groups have learnt their weaknesses,They have learnt how to make their business to grow,As a result the women feel that their children will grow in a good environment


Comments received from participants

“We have our own small business, but we did not know how to keep records or check on profits made by us.  Now we have learnt how to keep records and utilize our profits better”

“The trainings on Leadership skills were like an eye opener; we had formed groups earlier but used to break up easily, now we know where our faults were.”

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya would like to thank all those involved in this training program.  Special thanks go to the International Development & Relief Foundation (IDRF) for co-sponsoring this project.

June 2011

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