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Continuous Professional Development Program - Leadership Development Program

Two participants from BMMK had the opportunity to attend the Leadership Development Program organized by Africa Federation of KSI Jamats in Mombasa.  The seminar was held at Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies, Mombasa from 20th -22nd, May 2011.

The topics of discussion were based on:

Leadership theory and models and Visioning, Self Awareness, emotional intelligence, MBTI and tools for leadership.and Power, Politics and values.

Participants Responses:

Br Amar Nyawa

“This has not just been an eye opener for me but a heart and mind opener as well; it did change the way I see things right from the first day of the seminar. As Dr. Akber Mohamedali rightly puts it ‘“We might all be looking through the same window but probably seeing different horizons”’ May I expressed my sincerest gratitudes to WFED, AFED, all the facilitators and BMMK for granting me this unique opportunity to be part of the Mombasa LDP participants. May Allah (s.w.t) grant you immense blessings, will and strength in serving Allah (s.w.t) through the love of Ahlul Bayt (a.s)” :

“Initially I used to be uncomfortable when I was either interrupted or introduced to a sudden change of program of activities at my workplace. Now I understand myself and others more, hence instead of being uncomfortable I become more interested.”

Sis Ummi Wando

“The capacity building program played a very important role in improving the perception of being a leader. It was a programme that made us realize that being a leader is both born and made; and that a good leader needs to realize the abilities of all those under him or her, needs to be a visionary leader whose vision has put into consideration the needs of the entire society and community.”

My relationship with my fellow Staff members was good however, after the seminar; one thing I learnt was a good working relationship.  It’s a good relationship that is based on respect, honor and appreciation of each other’s efforts. I now, enjoy my working relationship with my fellow teachers and rest of the subordinate staff.

I used to have difficult time with my students especially when it came to not meeting the deadlines with their assignments.  This workshop helped me to realize that each one of us has a different  personality and being a person who does not like working under pressure, I always prepare myself early enough unlike most of my students who will always rush to complete a task on the last day.  I have learnt that it’s not laziness but it’s their nature and that while some complete their work early some will do it at the last moment.

As a teacher, I discovered that I needed to come up with a strategy that will favor all of us.  I discussed this with my class and they agreed that we have a specific time frame for them to complete their work and hand it in on time.   I decided that I will be giving them a date, two days earlier than the exact date. I will collect their work; this has made it possible for all the students to hand in their work on time.

May 2011

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