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Muharram 1433 A.H

“O Allah, what did he find when he lost You? And what did he lose he who found You? Truly he has failed who is contented with other than You.” Imam Hussein (as). The Mission commemorated the month of Muharram by mourning on the tragedy of Kerbala.  Majalis were organized in 14 centres in the rural areas and in Mombasa at the Bilal hall.

Program at rural centres

Majalis at the rural centres were conducted for the first ten days of the Holy Month of Muharram. This year, women actively participated especially in the afternoon learning sessions conducted by the muballighah from WHIPAS.  In the evening, mu’minin congregated for recitation of Marsias, Nouhas and Utenzis, followed by Maghribain prayers and the daily night Majlis. Faithfuls also congregated to listen to our Muharram Broadcasts where radio receivers were available. Ust Ramadhan Mlala, a graduate from Syria Hawza, visited the centers and gave lectures on the Tragedy of Kerbala and its application in our daily lives.

Ashura Day

On Ashura day, all 14 centres held a Julus procession, walking barefoot for 2-3 Km before converging back at the masjids.

Aamals of Ashura were held before commencement of Ashura Majalis, with Sabil-e-Husayn and Niyaz provided at each centre.

Program at BMMK Hall

To mark the month when the beloved grandson of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) was martyred, ten majalis were held at Bilal hall, after maghribain prayers. The speakers were Sheikh Abdillahi Nassir, Sheikh Muhammad Dumila, Ustadh Sharif Aidarus Athman and  Ustadh Jamali A Kasole.

On the night of Ashura the attendants joined in the procession (julus), organised by IYMU and later attended Majlis at the Hydery Masjid.

Radio Programs

This year, broadcasts consisted of a 5 part series- Msiba Wa Kerbala, aired on KBC Pwani FM, where Sheikh Muhammad Dumila spoke on the following topics:

  • Why we mourn during Muharram?
  • The root cause of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (as)
  • Brief Biographies of Imam Hussein (as) and Yazid bin Muawiya
  • What forced Imam Hussein (as) to fight Yazid?
  • The victory of Imam Hussein (as)

A special radio broadcast was aired on Ashura night with Sheikh Abdillahi Nassir delivering a final speech on KBC National Radio – Lessons derived from the Tragedy of Kerbala.

Our sincere gratitude goes to all the donors who contributed towards this cause.

December, 2011

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