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Mahe Ramadhan 1432 AH

"O Allah render my efforts, made in this months, worthy of appreciation, my sins  forgivable, my deeds acceptable, and my shortcomings coverable, O the Best Hearer." (Daily Duas for the Holy Month of Ramadhan by Masumeen AS.)

Alhamdullilah, as we come to the end of the Holy Month of Ramadhan the Mission has managed to bring smiles on the faces of the people in the rural areas who have been facing grave difficulties that arose due to droughts in many parts of Kenya. It was obligatory for the Mission to provide for the huge turn out at the centres for Iftar / Sehri.  The Mission was able to provide for ration including Maize meal, Wheat flour, Sugar, Rice, Cooking Oil, Yeast, Beans, Tea Leaves and Dates with the support received from well wishers globally.

The support received from the well wishers enable us to conduct the daily activities smoothly.  After Namaaz of Maghribain, Iftar was served followed by recitation and tafseer of the Holy Quran, Dua Iftitah, followed by lectures on Fiqh Masaels, etc. Dua e Tawassul and Dua e Kumayl were recited on Tuesday and Thursday respectively.

Amaal of Laylatul Qadr were performed on the respective nights followed by Sehri at all the BMMK Rural Centres. The Zahra Women Group organized Laylatul Qadr aamals for the Madrasah students in Mombasa,  Mtongwe and Kisauni. A special 5 part series of Radio Programme: ‘Hidaya Ya Ramadhan’ was aired on PWANI FM 104.7 Radio Station of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

Salatul Eid ul Fitr was organized at all centres and food was served.  Arrangements were made for distribution of Eid Gifts to the children in the Madarasah and all Muallimeen at the centres.

The Mission records its appreciation to the Federation of The KSI Jamaats of Africa, World Federation of KSIMC and to all individual  donors for their noble support,  thus enabling timely assistance to  the deserving during this holy Month of Ramadhan.

September 2011


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