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Quran and Hadith competition

In order to promote the Tabligh activities at the Rural Centre, the Mission introduced the first Quran & Hadith Competition in the Coastal Zone of Mombasa.  The participants were students from three BMMK Centres – Madrasatul Hujjat: Chengoni, Madrasah Mahdy: Samburu and Madrasah Jafferiya: Mackinon Road. The Mission intends to carry out similar activities in other zones.

The Semi Finals was conducted at each centre.

A total of 29 students participated in this competition.  They were divided into four age groups and were tested on Memorization (Quran and Hadith) and reading (Quran).  A team of judges comprised of Sh. Ramadhan Ngwame, Ust. Ramadhan Mlala, Ust. Aidarus of Masjid Al Hasanein, Ust. Fuad, Br. Shamlani and Ust. Jamali.

As this was first competition organized by the Mission at BMMK Imam Mahdy Centre, Samburu a large audience including Parents, students, members of community and committee from the three centers witnessed this event. Members from the neighboring villages also attended this event.

How was it conducted?

In the first round each participant was individually assessed in three categories, Quran memorization, Quran reading and Hadith memorization. Selections were made with criteria on Tajweed, Makharij, Tartil and Fluency. A maximum of three students from each centres were short listed under each age groups.

The Final round took place in front of the audience where the short listed students competed against each other.  This competition aroused the dormant memorization capacity of the students to the extent that even small children can roam in the village reciting the verses of the Quran or Hadith of the Prophet (SAW) by heart.

Niyaz was served at the end of the event.


Muallim Ali Wando. Centre In charge, Chengoni Centre

"On behalf of the parents, teachers and students we would like to thank the Mission for organizing the Zonal Quran Competition. This program encouraged not only the students but also the teachers and parents’ involvement resulted in excellent students’ performance. The attendance of students in the madrasah was at the best in order to prepare for the competition."

Juma M Mwachiramba. Committee Member, Jaffery Madrasah, Mackinnon Road

"First I humbly thank the Mission for organizing the Quran and Hadith competition this year. It’s a very good idea as it gives teachers a motivation to put extra efforts in their activities, secondly it makes the students put more efforts in their studies adding that memorizing is not an easy task."

Winners were picked from each age group.

Group A (Age 6 - 10 years): Mejumma Hassan Chuphi; Khadija Said Ally; Fatuma Rajab Mbui (Mackinon Road)

Group B (Age 11 – 12 years): Salim Beja Nyamawi; Khadija Kombo Chale, (Mackinon Road) Mujahid Wando (Samburu)

Group C (Age 13 – 15 years): Fatuma Omar Mbui (Mackinon Rd); Yusuf Hussein (Chengoni); Halima Ahmad Mbui (Mackinon Road)

Group D (Age 16 + years): Fatuma Muhammed; Amina Karisa (Mackinon Road)

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