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Business Management Training Module 2 Shimoni

In November 2013, Module 2 – Business Management training was conducted for Khadijatul Qubra Women Group at Shimoni by Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya. The module was held for 6 days from 25th November 2013 to 30th November 2013. The training was facilitated by Sis Sidi Nyota and Sis Kauchi Chifui.

Training Session











These trainings are playing an essential role to empower the women from the local community.

Lectures on Islamic Religious Education were facilitated by Sis. Zainab Jaffer during the training

The average attendance of the participants per day was 30.

The main objectives of this module were:

 The importance of starting a profitable business
 Importance of controlling their business cash.
 Profit and loss in a business
 Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a business.
 The marketing tools (6p’s) i.e. Place, Product, Promotion, Price, People, and Plan
 The importance of record keeping for their businesses



 Activities undertaken during the training:

• Islamic Religious Education was conducted on topics like ‘Marriages’, ‘Divorce’, ‘Wudhu’, ‘salaat’ and Akhlaq of the Prophet (S.A.W.W)
• Issues pertaining businesses, profit & loss in a business, cash control, SWOT analysis, the 6 P’s were taught through interactive discussions, role plays, case studies and storytelling.
• Work Plan was set up

• The rules were laid down for the new group members.
• Two groups have been formed under the same group name where each group will have their own sub-committee.

Comments / suggestions from the participants:

“Thank you BMMK for giving us this business Training Session. We need more lessons on I.R.E Sessions and also need a teacher for Madrassa. We would also like Credit Training soon so that we can have loans” - Khadijatul Qubra Women Group Participants

“The training was well received and most of the members from group B attended well. The IRE session was an eye opener to the members and most of them enjoyed the topics discussed. The groups’ arrangement was well organized.”- Sis Sidi Nyota & Sis Kauchi Chifui

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya would like to thank all those involved in this training program.

January 2014

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