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Matuga Holiday Class

"Every container becomes tightly packed with what is put in it, except for the container of knowledge, for surely it expands." - Imam Ali (as)


In the effort to continue to increase and spread the understanding of Islamic and Ahlul Bayt (a.s) teachings to the youths, the Mission conducted its second Holiday Class during the Annual Vacation from school at Madrassah Amirul Muuminiina, Matuga.

The holiday class was organized from November 25th, 2013 – December 7th 2013 for two weeks.

A total of 230 students from 15 BMMK rural villages, i.e. Shimoni, Kichaka, Mtongwe, Bahakanda, Miamba, Kilungu, Nzavoni, Masongaleni, Chengoni, Samburu, Mackinon Road, Dembwa, Mwasafu, Moyeni, Burani and students from Madrassah Amirul Muuminiina attended this crash course.


The main aims

1. To bring Bilal student together and make friends with each other.
2. To exchange their ideas.
3. To boost their Islamic knowledge.
4. To boost their understanding capacity of the world.
5. To make them our ambassadors at their villages.

Muballigheen from Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya and Madrassah Amirul Muuminiin facilitated these classes.


Fiqh: Twahara, Foods and drinks, Combining between two Swalaat (Jamuu baina Swalatain). The beginning point of four Madh-hab (Sunni).

Aqaid: Knowing Allah, prophets Isma.

Tarekh: Wives of prophets, what is Religion: Why we learn Prophets History?

Akhlaq: Drugs, Aids, Good society and family life in Islam.

Religious/Secular Education: Comparison between Islamic education and secular education.

The students were expected to follow a tight schedule starting with Fajr Salaah followed by recitation of quran and duas by different students. Lectures were delivered by various speakers. The first session included 4 lectures and second session 2.

The students were given time off to play games such as football and volleyball and watch Islamic dvd’s. The students were also involved in keeping the environment clean.

An interactive question-answer session was held on the last day of the training. The students posed a lot of questions that were answered by the facilitators.

Meals were organized by the Mission during these sessions.

Comments received from participants

Hassan Said : “The Seminar has brought us to know the importance of reciting

Qur'an. It has opened our minds, eyes and has kept us away from evil things.”

Said Chitsao : Let it not be the last and keep continuing. Hence help us in the coming days and bring the helpers to those who know not about Islamic education.

The Mission intends to continue such tabligh activities at all the centre’s to increase the understanding of Islamic and Ahlul Bayt (a.s) teachings.

December 2013

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