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Gender Empowerment Seminar 2014

For the Third consecutive year, a six day seminar was organized from 22nd – 27th, February 2014, at the Bilal hall to empower and educate the ladies under the Economic Upliftment Project run by Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya in the rural centres. Two members from each group participated in this seminar.

This project was initiated with the idea of empowering women in the rural areas to have an additional source of income to contribute towards their household expenses in these times of extremely high rate of poverty, accelerating rate of inflation, rise in the standard of living and lack of adequate rainfall.

A total number of 37 participants benefitted from this workshop.
The Mission for the first time hosted an exhibition cum market day where all the members showcased their businesses.

Tell me and I will forget, show me I may remember, involve me and I will understand

The women had hands on training during the workshop on How to make Tie & Dye material by Mr. Kilei, How to make Charcoal with waste products by Mr Aron Luganje, How to make Liquid Detergent Soap by Sis Kauchi Chifui, How make different types of juices and herbal teas by the ladies of Creative Cooking Committee, KSI Jamat Mombasa, Lecture on diseases control for Live Goats and Chicken breeding by Mr John and Islamic Religious Education lectures on Role of Women Islam, Role of Women at Home and Role of women in Society conducted by Sis Ruiya Salim and Sis Zainab Jaffer respectively.
Tie & Dye Training
Liquid Detergent Soap Making
Charcoal Briquetting
Lectures on Disease Control in Live Goat and Chicken breeding, Islamic Religious Studies & Export Promotion Council
Creative Cooking Session
Certificates awarded to facilitators, Role Models and participants

Comments on exhibition:
“Very inspiring and motivating, amazing stuff like the kikapus, table mats, detergents, clothes etc. May Allah (S.W.T) reward the Mission for uplifting our local people in small businesses.” -Mrs Khurshid Merali
“The products which were displayed are very innovative and they did a great job. Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya is doing an excellent job and they should expand their projects to a larger range.” - Mehdi
Comments on Seminar:
“We are thankful to have been received well. We ate and slept well during the seminar days and have also got to learn a lot from the sessions held, specially Tie & dye, detergent making and charcoal briquetting. We have benefitted a lot.” -Sis Munira Nasser, Sis Zaitun Seja, Sis Mwanasiti Shee & Sis Neema Mawazo, Participants
“The session has been an interesting one for the women groups who attended. I personally liked and enjoyed it as the women were ready to learn. The question asked after the session was so encouraging. I know from the depth of my heart that I was dealing with people who are ready to know and want to do something to uplift their living standards and also help the community they are representing. Thank you so much for the great opportunity to share my talent.” – Mr Kilei, Tie & Dye Facilitator
The Mission records its appreciation to The Federation of K.S.I Jamat of Africa and Creative Cookery Committee of KSI Jamat of Mombasa, for their noble support which has made it possible for us to empower and motivate these ladies to work harder and make a good living to support their respective families

March 2014

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