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Mubaligheen Development Program December 2015

“Together WE can make a Difference”

"If a person gains knowledge and does not act upon it, it is just like a person has treasure and does not use it” Imam Jaffer as-Sadiq
“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin

For six consecutive years, the Mission in collaboration with Islamic Education Board (IEB) of World Federation of Khoja Shia IthnaAsheri Muslim Community (KSIMC), The Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa and Central Bilal Board organized a ten day workshop for muballigheen and muballighat in an effort to create a platform to share knowledge and experience.
The workshop attracted 85 participants from various organizations in Kenya, Tanzanian and Uganda. The lead facilitator for the seminar was Alhaj Sheikh Ayub Rashid from the United Kingdom. The workshop commenced on 22nd and ended on 31st of December 2015 at Bilal Hall.

Topics covered during the seminar were:
- Memorization and translation of Sura Nuh and its implementation in tableegh work
- Laws of inheritance
- Social Media
- Practical sessions on marriage and Divorce
- Education, Educational policies and laws, Teaching methodologies
- Female Genital Mutilation
- Leadership and Negotiation Skills
- Imam Mehdi (AJTF)
- Reading styles and Referencing skills
- Public speaking
Other practical initiatives that ignited critical thinking from the participants included creative writing, debates, question and answer sessions, quote of the day – assigned to different participant every day, practical leadership in prayers and duas.


In his address at the closing ceremony, Sheikh Ayub encouraged the participants to seek knowledge continuously. He also urged them to put in practice what they have learnt in the seminar. “It is one thing to learn, it is another to put into practice what you have learnt.”
Participant comments
“We have been introduced to new Islamic ideas that will be of very great importance in our activities as we shall continue serving in different centers of propagation. I have been so much motivated with the way Sheikh Ayub carefully select’s the contemporary topics and delivers them in an organized form of a presentation to the participants and fellow Sheikhs”. –
Ali Tsuma Njoloi, WIPAHS,Tanzania

“My stay here has been nice and this is a seminar which is very different on its own. I have gained a lot during this seminar by meeting participants who reside from different regions of East Africa by sharing opinions and ideas”. –Sh.Mohammed Habibu, Uganda.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya would like to thank the IEB of the World Federation, Central Bilal Board, The Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa, KSI Mombasa Jamaat for their support and cooperation in organizing this event. The Mission would like to appreciate various organizations who sent in their Muballigheen to attend this event making this seminar successful.

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