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Report by: Farah Summar

 ‘Every day is Ashura and every land is Karbala’

Muslims all around the globe commemorate the tragedy that befell the household of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his progeny during Muharram which is the first month of the Islamic calendar.

A few years after the death of the holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) darkness once again loomed over the horizon when Yazid, son of Muawiya bin Abu Sufyan was imposed as a ruler of the Islamic world through fraud and treachery. Faithful companions of the Holy prophet were being mistreated and compelled to pay allegiance to Yazid. To impose his rule, Yazid needed the obedience of Imam Husayn…


Special evening programs were organized by the Mission during the first 10 days of Muharram. Recitation of the Holy Qur’an followed by matam and poems in Kiswahili were lined up during these programs. The program ended with recitation of ziyarat and niyaz.

A Live telecast of radio programs was broadcasted on Pwani FM of lectures that were presented during the Majaalis at the Bilal Hall, Mombasa. Topics for the first five days were on ‘Peace and Unity’ by Sheikh Dumilla and the last five days on ‘Development and Self Reliance’ by Sheikh Hassan Rocky in the light of the message of Karbala.

The main objective of this radio series broadcast was to enlighten the general audience on the personality of Imam Husayn (A.S), what he stood for and the lessons derived from his holy life and struggles against the oppression of society.

BMMK Centres

All the 15 BMMK centres also conducted majaalis in the evenings for the first 10 days of Muharram. Centre In-charges and officers from the Quality Assurance and Standard Department (QASD) joined hands in taking part in activities and were assigned to different centres. Special programs for ladies were hosted that were facilitated by Mubalighat from Zahrah Madrasah of Mombasa in collaboration with sisters from WIPAHS of Tanzania. These Majaalis for ladies had a great impact, Alhamdulliah.

Several Sheikhs on vacation from their Hauza studies in Qom also participated actively in delivering lectures at several centres.

Their presentations were very well received by the community.


On the plains of Karbala, Imam Husayn was given an ultimatum to pledge loyalty to Yazid or lose his life. Imam Husayn chose the path of dignity and honour. Yazid’s army prevented Husayn’s people from using the nearby ‘Alqama’ River for three consecutive days. On the 10th of Muharram 61 A.H Husayn, his family, and followers (about 72 people) faced at least 30,000 soldiers of Yazid. In an unforgettable and uneven battle of Karbala, Husayn and his followers preferred to die courageously than to give in to the demands of Yazid. Even in death Husayn was able to defeat Yazid as he could not achieve his objective which was his recognition by Husayn. Observing this important day in the Islamic history, mu’mineen walked long distances carrying banners and reciting masir in their respective languages and dialect. Amaal for the day of Ashura were held in each respective Centre, thereafter Majaalis were recited after Dhuhrain Prayers and mu’mineen were then served niyaaz and water.




The mourning and remembrance activities will continue at regular intervals until Arbaeen.



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