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Burani Project


Water Desalination, Fish Pond and Vertical Agriculture

The Al-Mahdy Centre of Burani in Kwale County hosted an inauguration ceremony on 24th August 2019 of the Water Desalination Plant, the

Fish production farm and the Aquaponics (vertical agriculture) farm and community solar lighting.


The ceremony was attended by BMMK officials, UNIDO, International donors and other international NGO representatives, other dignitaries, the local government officials and community in large numbers.

This is the fourth green project to be launched in a span of one year.The other  projects launched were the Wind turbine and Solar power plant at Mtongwe center, Water desalination and drip irrigation at Pate, Lamu and the water desalination, drip irrigation and solar seed dryer plant at Miamba center.

The project will have a great impact on job creation, health, hygiene, and food security in Burani and nearby villages. A Siemen solar powered cargo bike will assist in the distribution of fresh water and fresh fish to nearby villages.


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  •         Drinking water from water desalination plant producing upto 20,000liters of drinking water per day
  •          Using desalination water for drip irrigation on the farm
  •         Using desalination water for aquaponics (vertical farm);
  •         Using desalination water for Fish farming (3 ponds);
  •         Using the clean saline residue from desalination for hygiene and cleanliness of washrooms and education facilities;
  •         Solar power to all community facilities including mosque, classrooms and teacher’s residence.

Our vision is to support the development of strong, educated, confident and economically sustainable communities in line with our principle of sharing and benefiting from each other. To ensure fresh drinking water is available to all. To train farmers to adopt modern agricultural technologies for sustainable food production and income generation.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya expresses its appreciation to Dr Hamed Beheshti of Boreal Light GmbH and WaterWorks Ltd and his team from Berlin Germany, Siemens Stiftung, Lady Fatema Trust of UK, other Donors and well-wishers involved in supporting these projects.


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