On the birth of the Holy Prophet or His Household the Mission organizes a special event to rejoice the Birth of these personalities. During the occasion the history of the personality is narrated along with lessons learnt from their lives.

Mahe Ramadhan Appeal 1434 A.H / 2013

"O Muslims! As soon as the moon of Ramadhan appears, the cursed Satan is shackled in chains. The doors of heavens, paradise and mercy are opened. The doors of hell are closed. Supplications are

Sayyidah Fatima (A.S) / Sayyidah Zaynab (A.S) 1434 AH / 2013

Why was Hazrat Fātimah Zahra (a.s) called Zahra?
Imām Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sādiq (A.S) said that when she used to stand under the arch (Mehraab) for offering prayers, her radiance used to shed light for those high up in the skies in the same manner as the stars shed their light on the earth for the benefit of it's inhabitants.” [Reference: Nisa’ an-Nabiy wa Awladuh, p.92. ]

A special function to commemorate the Wiladat of Sayyidah Fatimatuz Zahra (a.s) and Sayyidah Zaynab (a.s) was held on Saturday, 4th May 2013 at the Bilal Hall, Mombasa. A large number of women and children attended this program.

The programme, commenced with the recitation of Hadithul Kisaa by Sis Rukiya Datoo followed by a

Bibi Fatima (A.S) / Bibi Zainab (A.S) Day 1433 A.H

“Fatima is a part of me, whoever loves her – loves me , whoever loves me loves  Allah, whoever annoys her – annoys me, whoever annoys me – annoys Allah” (Holy Prophet s.a.w.w)

Meeladun Nabi (S.A.W.W) 1434 AH / 2013

To mark the birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.w), Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya organized a grand function on 2nd February, 2013 at the Bilal Hall, Mombasa.

The function attracted muslims from all corners of Mombasa and its environs including madaaris.

Qaswida were recited by students from Madrasah Amirul Mu’minin Matuga, Madrsah Swalihin Kisauni and other Islamic institutions.
An informative speech by Sheikh Rijali Bwana Rijali, articulated the topic on prophet hood from

Quran and Hadith competition

In order to promote the Tabligh activities at the Rural Centre, the Mission introduced the first Quran & Hadith Competition in the Coastal Zone of Mombasa.  The participants were students from three BMMK Centres – Madrasatul Hujjat: Chengoni, Madrasah Mahdy: Samburu and Madrasah Jafferiya: Mackinon Road. The Mission intends to carry out similar activities in other zones.

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