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Millenium Developments

Burani Project


Water Desalination, Fish Pond and Vertical Agriculture

The Al-Mahdy Centre of Burani in Kwale County hosted an inauguration ceremony on 24th August 2019 of the Water Desalination Plant, the

Fish production farm and the Aquaponics (vertical agriculture) farm and community solar lighting.


Opening Ceremony of Amani Centre in Dembwa

Sunday 2nd February 2014 was a memorable day for Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya as it was the day when the Amani Center in Mwatate District was officially opened by Dr. Sultan Aly Muhammad Aly Meghji.

Solar / Electricity Projects

As the sun sets, darkness engulfs the rural centers making it difficult for the people living there to perform most of the night chores without electricity. Due to the skyrocketing prices of petroleum products like kerosene, BMMK has embarked on solar power projects on areas where the National Power lines have not reached.

Connection of power from the National power lines have been done to centres that national grid have passed near the centre.

Mwasafu Opening Ceremony 2012

Sunday 1st July 2012 a memorable day for Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya as it conducted the opening ceremony of Imam Baqir Centre – Mwasafu, based in Mwatate District –Wundanyi.  Imam Baqir centre established in the year 1984 with a total of 53 Shia familes, 57 students in the Pre- Primary and 43 students in the Madressah section.

Youth Development Report

The Youths are the leaders of tomorrow, therefore it is essential to nurture and guide them at a tender age, resulting in better leaders in the future. With the above vision, Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya embarked upon a new scheme of bringing the Youths in the rural villages together through sports to achieve the following objectives:

Progress of Jaffery masjid, Masongaleni

21st September 2011

Salaamun alaykum,

Chengoni Water Project

“The human right to water entitles everyone to sufficient, safe, acceptable, physically accessible and affordable water for personal and domestic uses. An adequate amount of safe water is necessary to prevent death from dehydration, reduce the risk of water-related disease and provide for consumption, cooking, personal and domestic hygienic requirements”.

(General Comment 15, CESCR, 2002)

Refurbishment Project

Ahlul Bayt Centre Shimoni Village

Classrooms Refurbishment(4 rooms):

  1. The floors in all the rooms need repairs.
  2. One window at the entrance to be removed and be placed at allocated position on the opposite wall to make allowance for two windows.
  3. At the entrance to punch the wall and put vents.
  4. To do skirting externally all round.

Kichaka Appeal

To erect a 57.0 sq mtrs house comprising, 3 bedroom , a common utility area, a splash area and external toilets :-

Pit excavation for toilet  7.5 mtrs deep.Anti-termite treatment below all foundations and floor slabs.

Shutters for and cast all reinforced concrete floor slabs, column, beams, lintols etc.

To the areas of the ground floor lay 4’ thick concrete slab with fibremesh.

Mwasafu Center Report 30th May 2011

Project: Construction of Masjid Imam Baqir, 4 New Classrooms, Muallim House and Common PIT Latrine


i) Started preparing timber trusses for the roof
ii)Mounted them to the building with supports
iii)Started plaster work internally; to the side walls and the ablution


i)Plaster works to the walls internally and externally is being completed.
ii)Installing the door and window frames.
iii)Commenced plaster to verandah columns and arches.
iv)Finalizing the roof works and are installing the fascia board.


i)Completed timber roof framework.
ii)Installed the mabati roof cover.
iii)Installed the fascia board all around roof of the house.


Common Toilets


















































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