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Out Reach

Islamic Correspondence Course



Islamic Correspondence Course (ICC) is a comprehensive Islamic course that takes the student through a series of lessons which are logically organized to make ease of understanding. These courses are comparable to distance learning, where students can undertake the course remotely; without having to necessarily sit in a classroom.



Prisons Outreach

Regular visits are made to the Shimo la Tewa Borstal Institution by our Muallimeen to impart madrasah teachings and primary school religious education classes. Food items, stationery and soap are donated to the inmates. The Muallim also arrange for recitation of  prayers and distribution of meals on the 2 days of Eid.

Radio Broadcast

Electronic Media is the in thing today. Followers of different faiths in all parts of the world have introduced innovative Radio and TV Programmes to convey the message of their respective faiths. The need for harnessing such modern technology to convey the message of Islam in keeping with the teachings of Ahlul Bayt cannot be over emphasized.

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