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Millenium Developments | Women Empowerment





Bilal Muslim mission of Kenya organized a five day seminar from 4th – 8th August 2019 to empower and educate women under the Economic Upliftment Project. The Mission has been conducting this workshop for 8 consecutive years.



 ‘Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change’.-Barbara Mikulski

Four months after Women Empowerment seminar, which was held in April 2018 at the Bilal Hall Mombasa, the Mission was able to conduct subsequent meet-ups in the centers to monitor the groups and see whether the groups were making use of the trainings taught amid the course.

Some of the activities and lecturers carried out in the workshop were: Religious Education, Health care, Microfinance, importance of education to a girl child, cooking of various food items which was facilitated by the Fatimiyah Creative Committee, making of Door mats and Hair oil.

EUP Newsletter Nov - Dec 2016


The objective of this scheme is to provide capital investment in order to create an income for the members. In addition, emphasis is placed on an individual or family to save. This allows them to have capital should they need it in the future.

Through the support provided by our generous donors the mission was able to provide interest free loans to 6 of our centres in the month of November and December.

A total number of 99 members received loans. This will assist them in uplifting their businesses by adding more stock to their existing business or venturing into a new one.

Agnes Mwisa a member from Masongaleni who saves quite well is the only member to have received Kshs.100,000/- for the second time now.

The first time, she used the amount to get into high scale cultivation of vegetables in her land and sale them in wholesale in the main market.After successfully completing the repayment of the first loan, she applied for a second loan to get a water tank for irrigation in her farm. This has really motivated the rest of the members to uplift their saving for future use.

Live-Goat Disbursement

Live-goat disbursement was done in the month of December where members from 3 centres: Masongaleni, Mackinnon and Burani received goats to rear and breed. A total of 20 goats were disbursed. The live-goat committee was presented cash via cheque to purchase the goats.The goats were then given to members by the mission representatives after having been checked by the veterinary officer.

In the year 2016 this scheme was introduced under the Economic Upliftment project.

The main purpose of this project is to provide madrassa students with one livegoat to rear and breed. These are students who have graduated and completed the higher classes i.e; Faslul Rabie.

The first centre in which the disbursement commenced was Bahakanda. On 5th December 2016 Sis.Sidi Nyota the senior EUP trainer together with the QASD inspector Shk.Ramadhan Mlala were part of the event.

The Maalim incharge, students, parents and also the Jamaat Committee was present .After the   disbursement of the live goats, a Livestock officer who was also around, checked the goats and De-worming medicine was given to goats to maintain a stable health condition.

All the students and the committee were happy to have received a goat and they believe it will assist them in changing their lives in future.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya would like to thank all those involved in making a smooth running of these activities

EUP September 2016

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women”- Kofi Annan

Samburu Trade Fair

On Saturday, 19th September 2015, members from Zahra Al-batul Women Group together with Suqaina Women Group hosted a trade fair at Samburu Centre from 8.00am to 4.00pm. Economic Upliftment Groups from all 15 BMMK centres were invited to participate in this event.

Gender Empowerment Seminar 2014

For the Third consecutive year, a six day seminar was organized from 22nd – 27th, February 2014, at the Bilal hall to empower and educate the ladies under the Economic Upliftment Project run by Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya in the rural centres. Two members from each group participated in this seminar.

Trade Fair_Women Empowerment 2013

The only person who is educated is the one who has learnt how to learn and change. Carl Rogers

With continuous training received from the Mission on empowerment. The women groups have come up with the idea of creating a platform to market their products in different areas. One such step forward was facilitating local trade fairs in their villages.

Module 2 Training in the rural areas

In continuation towards empowerment of the women in the rural areas, Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya organized six day Module 2 training on Business Management for Lamkani women group in Mackinnon road centre.

Live Goat Scheme

As a part of the Economic Upliftment Project, a Live Goats Scheme has been introduced. The purpose of this scheme is to provide women groups in rural centers with live goats for rearing and

Gender Empowerment through Economic Upliftment 2013

This project initiated with the idea of empowering women in the rural areas to have an additional source of income to contribute towards their household expenses in these times of extremely high rate of poverty, accelerating rate of inflation, rise in the standard of living and lack of adequate rainfall.

For the second consecutive year, a six day seminar was organized from

Micro Finance Loans

Upon completion of the training the women fill in application forms for the interest free micro finance loans. This enables them to start their own businesses thus reducing dependence and creating employment opportunities.

Vocational Training in the Villages

In order to empower the women in the villages, the Mission runs tailoring classes five days a week in Mackinon Road and Chengoni Rural Centres.  The course that is being offered is as per the Government Syllabus.

Live Goat Report

As a part of the Economic Upliftment Project, a Live Goats Scheme has been introduced.  The purpose of this scheme is to provide women groups in rural centers with live goats for rearing and breeding.  It is aimed that each member should have a goat so that they are reared and bred to reproduce more.

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