We are involved in drought relief programs and disaster management response. (Fire, Floods, Mobile medical clinic & support, Health campaigns).


In conjunction with Jaffery Medical, we organize mobile medical camps in our centres. Jaffery Medical dispatches both doctors and pharmacists to the field. This happens on a monthly basis with specific days for each centre. This program has helped families and brought medical services closer to the people. The communities are seen by doctors and issued medicines free of charge.


With generous support provided by various donors, we were able to provide food packs to over 4,000 families residing within the 15 Bilal Kenya Centre communities in the coast and eastern Kenya. Support was also extended to neighboring independent shia centres, sunni masjids and churches. This is a drought relief program for the affected areas.


From time to time we are engaged in disaster management with our communities from the coast to the eastern part of Kenya. Some of the disasters include fire and floods. Below is a family affected by fire.