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Kichaka Appeal

To erect a 57.0 sq mtrs house comprising, 3 bedroom , a common utility area, a splash area and external toilets :-

Pit excavation for toilet  7.5 mtrs deep.Anti-termite treatment below all foundations and floor slabs.

Shutters for and cast all reinforced concrete floor slabs, column, beams, lintols etc.

To the areas of the ground floor lay 4’ thick concrete slab with fibremesh.

Vents are to be laid in cement sand (1:3) mortar and are to be recessed 25 mm from the plastered wall in wall.Lay double quarry tiles sill to all windows.

All masonry to substructure of to be in 8” solid machine cut coral stones block walling.

To lay pre-cast concrete paving slabs 600 mm wide around all the building structures on a sand plinth.

All internal plaster to be in 1 coat cement sand (1:4) mortar plaster and finished in steel float finish.

External render is to be in 1 coat cement sand (1: 4) mortar and finished with a wood float.

Lay to all the floors, cement sand 1: 4 mix, red cement floor screed floor finish and 4” skirting and 6mm thick.

All doors and windows are to be made in well-seasoned Mvule.

The window frame will have PVC coated burglarproof bars.

The finished door and window will include all the necessary ironmongery, fasteners and stays, stoppers, aldrops.

Supply and fix on site IT5 prepainted “green” DUMU roofing sheets fixed to treated 3”x2” timber purlins, timber rafters and trusses.

Provide rainwater collecting GI gutter and down pipes to feed to water storage tanks on raised masonry plinth as detailed in 11.2 below.

All the sanitary brassware will be in BRICON cobra star elsewhere.Provide and fix 1No. 4000 litres water storage tank.

The stand tap shall be fixed with a washing area plinth (splash area – approx 2.0 sqm) and water drained away to the garden.

Fixing cast iron manhole covers to all MH, septic tank and soak pit. Fixing on site welded grill doors.

All surfaces of plastered wall to be applied undercoat and 2 coats of cover matt emulsion paint .

Timber which is to be painted is to receive one coat of primer, two coats of undercoating and two finishing coats.

To fix 1.8 metre high galvanized chainlink fence on concrete posts.

Supply and install electricity and fittings

Costs - Muallim House


Kichakamkwaju Center

Shimoni Center




GB Pounds









Duration of completion of work ……………  6 months.

The costs also include architect fees, staff  & committee visits and functions

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