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Health Day - Samburu

In commemoration of the Martyrdom of the grandson of the Holy Prophet (PBUP) Imam Husayn (AS), Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya in conjunction with Kwale District Eye Centre and Jaffery Medical Centre organized a Medical Camp on Sunday, 17th November 2013 at Samburu

Health Centre in Kwale County to assist patients with eye diseases, general health problems and polio vaccination.

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People of different ages with various problems gathered early in the morning for registration.  They were being screened by team of doctors lead by Jaffery Medical Centre and Kwale District Eye Centre.


A team of BMMK volunteers were assisting the team of doctors and patients.  Tabligh activities were also conducted.  The patients in the waiting area were able to listen to Lectures on “Lessons from Karbala” and “Health Awareness Talks”.  Flyers on Imam Hussein (AS) and his mission were also distributed.

A total of 575 people were screened during this camp.

Eye Camp
Total number of people screened – 175

24 cataract cases identified
13 early cataract cases identified
120 people were issued with drops
33 people provided with reading glasses
26 refraction cases were attended

General Medical Camp
Total number of people screened - 400
General disease like hypertension, respiratory tract infection, wound and skin diseases, gastritis and other diseases were found.

Luvuno Zuma Mangale Op No.70760
Luvuno aged 56 from Mgamani, near Samburu had been blind in both eyes for many years.  Her grandchild had been leading her around for many years, and therefore unable to attend school.

No one realized that her sight could be restored until her cousin heard a loud hailer announce that there was going to be an Eye Camp near her home. She came to the Health Camp just like any other person for eye check up, not anticipating for a minute that anyone could help her, let alone that the outcome would be a miracle for her.

She had cataract surgery at KDEC and was able to see again! She was so happy, her only regret was that she had not had this done years earlier.

‘What a gift!’ she exclaimed, ‘My sight! Please God, send heaps of blessings on all those who made this happen! Then she turned to her grandchild ‘What are you doing here, my son! I don’t need you. Go to school!‘


'We are grateful for the camp because many patients have been treated. We thank Jaffery Medical Centre, Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya and Kwale District Eye Centre for organizing such an event.

It was appalling to note that there are so many hypertension, upper respiratory tract infection and skin diseases in this area.  We thank God the patients have received treatment for them. This kind of activity should be carried out more frequently.'
                                                                 - Rose Mwaka, Clinical Officer in charge at Samburu Health Centre.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya would like to thank Jaffery Medical Centre, Kwale District Eye Centre, BMMK Volunteers and a number of generous donors for their support and contributions in making this a successful health campaign.

In order for the Mission to continue conducting similar activities in the rural areas, we request you to help and contribute generously towards Health Action Campaign Fund.  No matter how small your contribution, you can make the difference in the life of an individual.

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