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Trade Fair_Women Empowerment 2013

The only person who is educated is the one who has learnt how to learn and change. Carl Rogers

With continuous training received from the Mission on empowerment. The women groups have come up with the idea of creating a platform to market their products in different areas. One such step forward was facilitating local trade fairs in their villages.

The first local trade fair was hosted by Lamkani Women Group, Mackinon Road village, on 21st August, 2013. Members from 15 Women groups under BMMK Economic Upliftment Project from Ukambani, Taita and South Coast participated in the trade fair.

The positive impact left in the minds of the participants lead to another local trade fair organized on 3rd November 2013, by the members of Khadijatul Qubra Women group, Shimoni & Swabrina Women Group, Kichakamkwaju. Groups from all 15 BMMK centres were invited to participate in this trade fair. Local people from the area were very happy to see the women from different areas bringing different items for sale.

Hand-made items - ropes, floor mats, table mats, hand pouches/bags, hats and local hand fans baskets made of sisal, table mats, fruit baskets made of beads, lessos, herbal medicines, locally made jembes, fans, and soaps.
Farm Fresh Vegetable and fruit - capsicums, green chilies, tamarind, raw baobabs, cassava, pawpaws, sugarcanes etc
Snacks – Popcorns, baobab, vitumbua, tea, fried potatoes etc.


“We have brought items like ropes, tamarind and baskets and Alhamdullilah I have sold a lot. I thank Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya for supporting us and ask them to have the same trade show at some places for us to sell more”
Sis. Amina Muhammad, Masumin Women Group, Nzavoni

“I thank the Mission for bringing us this far. I thank God I have sold my food stuff and I have got some money and am grateful the show is going on well.”
Sis Mwanasiti Salim Karisa from Burani

“First I would like to thank the Mission for choosing Shimoni as the venue for this show. This show has brought together women from different parts and this will enable them exchange ideas and skills that they have.

I would also like to thank Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya for empowering women and giving them loans this helps them a lot. This program is good as the government has also put aside some money for women and with such ideas our women can do something good
I would also like to urge the Mission to look for a larger market for the women because this will help them a lot as we know women are the care givers of our families. Lastly I would like to urge the women also to learn more on how to run a business well. ”
Mr. Adimi Miyogo, Area Sub – Chief - Shimoni

We believe, from a humble beginning to a thriving future, for these hard-working, committed and determined women group, Insha’allah.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya would like to thank all those involved in the process of empowerment of these women from the rural centres, and for their continuous support to the Mission.

November 2013


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