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Refresher Training For Economic Upliftment_ Burani


Access to education and trainings to Women in the rural centres have proven to be beneficial in many ways.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya conducted a three day Refresher training course for Zainabbiyya Women Group in Masongaleni centre from 21st -23rd February 2019. Sessions during this training were facilitated by   Sis Sidi Nyota and Sis Kauchi Chifui.

Topics on Islamic religious education were conducted by Sis. Sofia Salim.

Objective of the training:

  •   Analyze the roles of office bearers
  •      Review group laws
  •      To recall the Loaning procedures
  •              Maintaining records; passbooks, register and weekly return forms
  •      Team Building


Activities undertaken during the training:- 

  • Islamic Religious Education lectures were coducted on topics like;
  • Hijab and Ghusl Mayyit.
  • Brainstorming sessions assisted members to learn the importance of working together.
  • Election of  new officials
  • Members came up with new costitution for all members to follow.
  • A work plan was set-up to follow during the training.


12Officials were selected in presence and approval of all members.

  Officials learnt that any matters concerning the group must be discussed by members.

   Officials agreed to maintain records aptly. This will be monitored by the field trainers during their monthly visits.


“I would like to appreciate the Mission for considering a Refresher training Course for our group. This training has assisted us in reforming the group by streamlining Group rules and constitution”.- Farida Rashid, Chairlady


“Being one of the new members to join the Zainabbiyya Women group, I did gain a lot during this training. We were taken through the record keeping process of filling in the passbooks and register, which was well understood by all members” – Riziki Mohamed, Member

 “I did learn that Consistency plays an integral role in the stability of the group. This consists of making sure we meet up every week and conduct savings. As a member I will make sure to attend weekly meetings as this will boost our group”.- Fatuma Hussein, Member

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya would like to thank all those involved in this training program.









Activities undertaken during the training:


-          Islamic Religious Education lectures were conducted on topics like: Hijab and Ghusl  Mayyit

-          Brainstorming session assisted members to learn the importance of working together. This session helped members to analyze their group problems and come up with ways on how to solve them.                                                

-          Group members re-elected new officials.

-           Members came up with a new group Constitution to for all to follow.





A work-plan was set-up to follow during the training.


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