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EUP September 2016

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women”- Kofi Annan


The mission conducts monthly follow-up in all the 15 centres so as to be aware of all the activities being conducted in the centres.
These follow ups are carried out by our senior trainer and her assistant: Sidi Nyota and Kauchi Chifui respectively.

Not many members have cows in the centres .The livegoat project has proved to have made a positive impact in the lives of the women in the centres.
One such example is Miamba centre located in the areas of Kwale County, has 8 members in the month of July who exchanged their goats to cows.
Each member was given a livegoat to rear and breed in the year 2011. Since then Luvuno Bakari had a dream of having a herd of cows in the future.
With great patience Luvuno reared her goats which later multiplied to 8. She would benefit from the milk which helped her to provide a cup of tea for her family.
In the year 2014 Luvuno finally got a chance of having her own cow when she exchanged 6 goats to a cow.
Luvuno is glad to have gotten an opportunity of receiving a livegoat. She now has 2 cows and 4 goats.
“Owning cattle in our community is considered as a symbol of wealth and a source of pride and I aspire to have more in the near future,Inshallah!


This project was initiated with the idea of empowering women in the rural areas to have an additional source of income to contribute towards their household expenses in these times of extremely high rate of poverty, accelerating rate of inflation, rise in the standard of living and lack of adequate rainfall.
There were loan disbursements conducted in four centres; Mackinnon, Burani, Mwasafu and Chengoni to a total of 43 members.


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Seven months after the women seminar held on February 2016 at the Bilal hall Mombasa, the Mission was able to make follow ups in the centres to find out if the groups were making use of all the vocational trainings i.e Making Hair Shampoo, jewel crafting and creative cooking items like: donuts with icing, pilau, biryani etc. Group members have so far managed to practice cooking items and some of the members do sell donuts also.



Mwanasha Munga
Business- Selling farm products
Group Member
Age: 39 years
Status: divorcee
Dependants: 5 children
Loan Beneficiary
Mwanasha is a single mother of 5 children who are in primary school. Earlier, she was engaged in cultivation but after joining Rahma women group and getting the business trainings she got a thought of diversifying her skills in selling farm products.
Mwanasha borrowed a loan of Kshs.10,000/- from the mission to start up her business of selling coconuts. After 2 years her business was doing well and she took another loan of kshs.20,000/-. This time she expanded her coconut stock as well as added cashew nuts, Mangoes, oranges and passion fruits which she sends at kinango market twice a week.
Mwanasha earns a monthly profit of Kshs.10,500/-which assists her in providing food for her family, paying school fees for her children, managing her loan repayment as well as saving some amount of money.
Mwanasha aspires to expand her business and start supplying products in Kongowea Market (largest vegetable market in Mombasa).

September, 2016

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